First private screening in Mumbai of Turup

Turup was screened privately in Mumbai on 18th March, 2017. The screening was organised by LABIA, along with GAC in the Main Conference Hall at TISS.

About 70 people attended. Projection was not so great, sound was bad. However, the applause at the end lasted for the entire duration of the credits roll. Audience wanted us to replay the last song again, but organisers didn’t comply. We had a good screening. It was followed by half an hour of Q&A. Questions revolved around the collective process and the name of the film. Preeti and Bali took most of the questions, Priyanka took the music ones and I spoke about scripting and working on location and the collective process. They asked for DVDs and paid downloadable version for those without DVD players. They want more screenings too in other places!