Chanda Ke Joote 1

Chanda Ke Joote Online | 22 mins | Hindi | 2011


Poster design- Kanak Shashi


Chanda Ke Joote is Ekatara’s first fiction film. A little girl Chanda, who is the undisputed Pithoo champion of her basti and her friend Shameen are burdened a bag full of worries after getting enrolled in a big school-one that brings with it, new books, uniforms and the worst of all evils; they must wear shoes! Chanda hates shoes. Will Chanda manage to dream up a plan to beat the rules and make a little space for herself within the discipline of the school?

Film Process:

The film was shot between 7 days and was inspired from a 1st generation learner’s comic strip. The script was then made after talking to several other 1st generation learners.

Note on Direction:

The films made are a product of a collective effort where each person involved contributes her/his own unique vision, skill and perspective to it, guiding and often maneuvering it to reach its logical completion. Since the vision is a collective one, the directorial acknowledgements are also shared and taken as Ektara.

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