Jaadui Machchhi

Jaadui Machchhi | 37 mins | Hindi and Bundelkhandi | 2013

Poster by Kanak


On the banks of a flowing river Jyotika and her friends are busy in their lives when one day they meet an old woman who tells them a story of a fish that spreads happiness in the world. For her friends its just a story but Jyotika is convinced about the existence of this fish and hopes to meet it someday .She carefully prepares for it, making a list of wishes that she wants fulfilled .Around the same time a contractor has been visiting the village with a proposal for the fishermen that promises much wealth and happiness .A few in the village believe that it may not be as good as it seems.
And one day Jyotika realizes that staying true to one’s beliefs is not easy. There comes a time when our convictions are put to test.

Film process:

The film was made with the residents of Bhilpura, a small basti located on the banks of the river Narmada in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. All of the cast and much of the crew were from the basti itself. Other technical and non technical people came from across the country. The process was a collaborative and evolving one where ideas about the script, dialogues, shoot and music were shared before they were finalized and eventually executed. The process was spread over a period of 4 months.
All the collaborators worked on a voluntary basis without any monetary remuneration. The financial requirements for the shoot and the post production were met by raising money through individual contributions.

Note on Direction:

The films made are a product of a collective effort where each person involved contributes her/his own unique vision, skill and perspective to it, guiding and often maneuvering it to reach its logical completion. Since the vision is a collective one, the directorial acknowledgements are also shared and taken as Ektara.

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