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Turup (just completed) – Set in Bhopal, the film tells the story of three women, in the backdrop of growing right wing fundamentalism. As the boundaries of religion, caste, class, gender become clearer and more visible, lives intersect and engage, throwing open opportunities to subvert and transcend these barriers. As people look for answers they also encounter new questions. A chess game which is always being played on a platform by the road becomes the metaphorical background to the playing out of these negotiations.

The films are made along with the residents of different working class settlements living in Madhya Pradesh. All of the cast and much of the crew are from the settlements. Taking off for a month or two, other technical and non technical people come from across the country to become a part of film. The Collective consists primarily of women, though not exclusively.

The process of making the films is a collaborative and evolving one where ideas about the script, dialogues, shoot, sound, edit and music are shared before they were finalized and eventually executed. The films thus are a product of collective effort where each person involved has contributed her/his own unique vision, skill and perspective to it, guiding and often maneuvering it to reach its logical conclusion. Since the vision is a collective one, the directorial acknowledgements are also shared and taken as Ektara Collective.

All the collaborators, irrespective of their background worked on a voluntary basis without any monetary remuneration. The financial requirements for the entire production were met by raising money through individual contributions. The single driving force behind making these films is to unite with people across diverse backgrounds and make cinema.

Watch Turup trailer